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Stay in the old lighthouse keepers' houses in Sweden's westernmost lighthouse. To Ursholmen it is about 6km from our base and beach at Sydkoster. There is a kayak ramp to easily pull up the kayaks and one  bathing jetty  to take a dip from, even an infinite nature pool on the west side of the island.

Scroll through the pictures below and let yourself be inspired ...


  3 houses in different sizes are available for rent - Västra with 6 beds, Östra with 2-4 beds and Bagarstugan with 4 beds.

Ursholmen is an outpost in the Kosterhavet National Park and here it is dry das and simple standard that applies. Get water in the well, wash with rainwater from the pump in the kitchen, cook outdoors in fireplaces or indoors on a gas stove. Contact us for more information.

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