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We accompany you to the beach and show you how to get in & out of the kayak in a safe way. We suggest the best route for the day and with regard to your level.

Paddle for a few hours, full day or several days with overnight stays out in the Kosterhavet National Park, either in tents on one of the islands or in the old lighthouse keepers' houses on Sweden's westernmost lighthouse, Ursholmen. Note that there is a tent ban on Ursholmen & Kosteröarna.

  • Safety requirements: Previous experience required. Someone in the group should have a paddle pass / wet card or similar knowledge and master peer rescue. Age limit 18 years, in the company of a parent 15 years.


  • The rent includes a life jacket, canopy, nautical charts and a complete kayak.




Day 1200kr

Model: Liker Easty 5.5 New for 2024

Pick up between 9-11 am, return at latest 6pm.

For multi-day rent, the day price applies.

​All our kayaks are brand new 2024 


  • Good to bring: Sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, swimwear, snacks + water. A set of dry clothes for change. Pack minimally and preferably in waterproof bags

  • Clothes after weather.

For safety, we recommend that you download the following two apps on your mobile: - SOS Alarm, indispensable in the event of an accident. - Norrbotten Naturkarta, digital nautical chart that shows your position.

Remember that in Kosterhavet National Park, kayaks can be pulled up on sandy beaches if they are placed so that beaches are not blocked.

It is not allowed to:

-Pick the oysters

-Take with you or move stones

-Find a fire other than in designated and prepared places

-To land on islands and skerries that are part of seal and bird protection areas, or to stay closer than 100m, with the exception of marked passages.


Seal protection area applies 15 May - 15 July.

Bird protection area applies: Mörholmen 1 April-15 July, Store Snart and Käbblingarna / Lerskär 1 April - 31 July, and Torgrimmen 1 April-15 August.

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